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Diana Frese
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Re: The Best Laid Plans...

Happy practice to you, too! I remember when we lost our location at the YMCA, where we had been since 1975 and this was 1983. There was by then another YMCA class in a neighboring town and a loft dojo in the town beyond that. But I was rather busy myself, only training occasionally, then working in a town in the other direction with my husband-to-be.

While not training, I hurt my knee, in 1986 but by 1988 I was teaching again, in a tiny room off my husband's loft woodshop. The Norwalk colleague was teaching in the same town, time sharing with the local judo club as the Norwalk landlord had sold the building for offices. But I had students too, students who couldn't make Ray's schedule, or who had injuries . Out of five, one could have joined the other dojo but he stayed because he wanted a slower class anyway!

Even without falling or rolling, I found it was pretty good Aikido! So I always knew it would be possible to train again. Yes, on and off through the years and the future, who knows? Never too old, they say. Thanks for sharing your experience and enjoy your return!
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