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Re: Can't find yonkyo

Ewen Ebsworth wrote: View Post
We call it Yondan in AJJ and as a kyu grade I don't have much experience, but I am aware of the gakun grips used and I have had one lesson in the kata. I have found that I naturally want to apply yondan techniques in my knife defence. My sensei knows of my tendancy to apply yondan gakuns in knife defence and has given me some advice, which has been very useful to me but I know it will take years of practice to be able to apply them effectively everytime. I am beginning to see the progression in the different katas we learn from Shodan to Nidan and Sandan to Yondan. I am beginning to make the connections in my mind and body of the power of smaller techniques such as yondan for leverage and compliancy.
What art do you practice again? Just curious if you know where the pressure point is in your technique? The one that I learned as standard Aikido is on the underside of the arm, on a line that comes down from the little finger...somewhere along there. Either at the wrist or further towards the elbow.
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