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Re: ethical?

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Good points, Chris, and thank you again for the Tada Sensei interviews.

Actually, it is my view that, IF the Founder made those two statements of a) exhorting his students to surpass him, and b) predicting that his aikido would die with him, he may have been a bit disingenuous. I doubt not that he always strove to be both honest and sincere, but, as amply documented, he advised against being totally forthcoming in his inner most thoughts and secrets.

I have found all manner of teachers who employ a plethora of teaching "tricks" and well intentioned subterfuges to get their students over a hump of understanding or complacency. We would be well adv ised to take these quotes attributed to the Founder with more than a few grains of salt. I have yet to see conclusive evidence that he was indeed accurately quoted, or consistently so, and not arbitrarily credited with the translator's bias or hidden agenda.
Perhaps this point has been made elsewhere but.... re: "b" - predicting that his aikido would die with him. Perhaps I'm simplistic, but only Ueshiba had his nervous system and life history. "Aikido" as he developed it and passed it on to others would (does) live on, but "his" aikido ended when he ended. Since "Spock" was a fictional futuristic alien, we had (and have) no way of extracting "Ueshiba O-Sensei's Aikido" and re-mind-melding it into another person... It's gone, but Aikido lives on.
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