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Re: your number one technique

X Y wrote:
How can you possibly know how long a fight will last beforehand? Fantasy.
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Unfortunately there is no way to make such points totally understood to a person who has never had the opportunity to fight intensively and daily for prolonged times. I understand why you consider them "fantasy".

Place one full year of experience under your belt with MMA or boxing competitons Sir, and you will see what a difference that will make.
You will know it beforehand, inclusive of your defeat well before it occurs!
I found a great instance of what I said namely that it is perfectly possibile to know with the greatest advance how a fight will end, till the tinest detail.

I know this may sound alien to most persons, however this video proves I was speaking of something that exists indeed. Maybe not casually, this comes from boxing: you need experience in actual fighting in order to know how a fight may end.

In this case the guy, as stated repeatedly in the video (first time at min 00.59), knew even before the fight begun how it would go, till the tinest detail (this doesn't surprise me in the least, but maybe surprises many others?)

The fact the person featured here is a great champion makes no difference: when long ago I was speaking of this, I spoke so not as a great champion but as one of the many suburban bums who practiced for a while.

I hope this helps to understand. This is how great features you may develop if you allow a martial art to go martial and act martially.

But you will never come to know a thing about this with Aikido unless it will get rid of its epidemic tendency (not in all dojos, but in most) to hyperprotected and highly fictional attacks.

Real fighting is made of anticipation (and this is how you may know in advance).
But you cannot anticipate if you have not sparred to know what may come your way given a starting setting, You need to face attacks that are ruthless and free to come at you and keep pursuing you with the greatest liberty, in order to learn all the possibilities and know beforehand what will come your way given the alley you're in.

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