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Re: ethical?

Francis Takahashi wrote: View Post
Who has, and who can?

Different paths result in different results. Simple physics, simple math.

O Sensei was simply being a cheerleader, yet who really gets the message?

Stop dreaming someone else's dream. Be a true warrior, and fight your own fight.

O Sensei also said, "after me, there will be no more aikido."

Believe as you will. Being a failure is not his fault, it is yours.
I wasn't dreaming anybody's dream in particular, I just thought that it was an interesting and relevant quote.

Francis Takahashi wrote: View Post
The notion long endured of "it is the teacher's goal to have the student surpass him or her over a lifetime" is absurd and offensive to all parties, if they would but think of what this really is trying to convey.
I do notice, however, that you seem to be a little more forgiving of the statement when it comes from Morihei Ueshiba.



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