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Re: Sumo: light vs heavy and IS?

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It's really simple. Most of the Aikido world doesn't call Aiki what you guys do. You know that, I know that, we agree on that.

Dan is the guy who's out there promoting this idea, he gave it to the people you are saying are it's promoters, like you Mark. The other people help Dan promote this idea.

That might apply if all of the people involved had no common sense, low IQs, and couldn't tell their rear from a hole in the ground. However, if anyone takes a look at the people involved, anyone would find that this is most definitely not the case. In fact, it's just the opposite. The people involved are very intelligent and very experienced in the martial arts world. Just look up Bill Gleason's training history. To say that these people are only there to promote Dan is to, pretty much, tell them all that they don't have the intelligence to think on their own. It is a very safe bet that most of the people who went to train with any of the IP exponents, did so to discount what was being said. Some to test. So, how about we drop this "promoter" idea, this "salesman" thing, this "individual" thing and start focusing on aiki.

(Just as an aside about the individual, promoter, thing being wrong ... This isn't about a singular person. There were three people out and about at one time. There was one more who wasn't as well known. There was one who became more popular after the Aiki Expos. There was one who was relatively unknown until a few years ago. There were two who were known but had trouble explaining. Etc, etc, etc.)

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
It's simpler to call Dan's (and those who support Dan) variation of Aiki something different then what most people in the Aikido world calls Aiki. Because it is different...
It is different than Modern Aikido, yes. It is Ueshiba's aiki. It is what made Ueshiba martially famous. It is what is missing in most Modern Aikido.

Now, for everyone ... don't take that to mean that Modern Aikido's vision of "aiki" is worthless. I know quite a few people who have become better people from it. In reality, Kisshomaru did a grand thing when he took his father's singular spiritual ideology and transformed it into something the world could share. That, IMO, was something Kisshomaru did which surpassed his father. Personally, I think his father approved of what he had done in this area. What Kisshomaru did has changed many people's lives for the better. I think most Modern Aikido dojos should also have a picture of Kisshomaru on the shomen. I'm sure he had tough decisions to make regarding Tokyo hombu because there were other major changes made, as well. Ueshiba's aiki was removed, which has contributed to the downgrade of aikido being martially outstanding as all the aikido greats had proven.
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