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Re: abusive sensei

I do not tolerate any form of abuse. When it comes to a senior level belt working with a white or yellow belt, some form understanding needs to be in place. Especially when it pertains to their ability and skill they are developing which in my opinion comes with time and training. I speak from my own experience with an instructor who felt it was time to test my ability at my new ranks I achieved. My ukemi saved me on every occasion, mentally I was mortified. After many months went by and a couple of times could smell beer on his breath, I knew I was in for an interesting evenings and needed to be on guard. One instance I had enough and took matters into my own hands and while working with him in an exercise that we were not to throw, I threw him sailing across the mat. He got up and showed me what irimi nage feels like. I was out for what felt like 5 minutes. My sensei had his back turned when I threw but, saw this instructor do irimi nage and me bounce off the mat. My sensei laid into him about that even though I felt responsible. Being the only student under black belt, it made it hard for me to express my concerns to my sensei for fear of being unappreciative of training and breaking the hierarchy. Little did I know that since I mentioned this to my sensei after the fact my I was informed that I should have come directly to him. This particular instructor was not ranked in our style (Tomiki) but worked out with us from time to time on basics. A couple other students who have joined us felt the wrath too. It makes no sense. I believe in a hard work out when you ready and capable but not starting out.
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