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Re: Sumo: light vs heavy and IS?

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Back on topic
Unlike the sumo video; here is a guy who actually does have IS... unusual power!
If you watch he exhibits little movement to control or make power, and cooperation is needed.
Yes I have felt him.
I have seen what is done in this video many times. I have studied internal Chinese Martial arts. I can do the things shown in this video. I'll make a video of me showing these things. I'll show up in person at one of your seminars in California and demonstrate this for you if you'd like.

This type of thing is very common in Chinese internal, any good teacher will show you these things. While it can be impressive it's not what I believe Ueshiba was going for. I don't think what I see in this video will bring the world together. It does not speak "Aikido is the principle of unifying heaven, earth and humankind." or "Aikido is the way of supreme, unbounded, perfect, and inexhaustible love that binds and sustains the universe." These too are the words of the founder. As I describe Aiki, these words fit perfectly, I don't see how they apply to what I'm seeing in that video.

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