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Re: Sumo: light vs heavy and IS?

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Dan came onto the old Aikido-L mailing list years (10, 15?) and immediately started causing trouble.
And....many friends.

We went back and forth over the years (with some interesting consequences), but always stayed more or less friendly, even though I thought that he was mostly full of it.
I started to get some idea what he was talking about after hooking up with some folks who had experience with Sagawa Dojo and the Kodokai in Japan.
Again pointing to the fact that.... this is NOT my material...or any individuals for that matter.

A while later I moved back to Hawaii for the second time, and a friend and I ended up getting Dan to come out to Hawaii (didn't take much coaxing).
After screwing the top of my head back on.... I started looking back more at what Ueshiba wrote - which I had read before, but was much more interesting, and actually understandable, when considered in the correct context.

I think most people didn't get the fact that your drive to re-read Ueshiba came only AFTER your encounter with the realities of this work which you previously wrote off as me being full of it!!
It's certainly been fun seeing you awaken as a new source,
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