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Re: Sumo: light vs heavy and IS?

Hi Chris

Source material
All due respect, this isn't my material-nor my case and I have never said it was. In fact I think the first step in holding people back is to reduce it to individuals. Sadly, it is what the martial arts community has done for generations.

This material has spanned cultures and generations and I believe it is the source material for many individual "epiphanies." We have Chinese, quoting India and Japan quoting the Chinese material; all using the same terminology. We have Ueshiba being asked to explain himself. "Tell us what aiki is" And here we now see him quoting material -ages old.
Ueshiba flatly stating that "Heaven/earth/ man releases the mountain echo." You must stand with six direction awareness before during and after each technique.

Then we have the founder of shinto ryu coming out of esoteric studies at the Katori shrine in 1451 and stating that once he understood heaven/earth/man and six direction theory....his ken was unstoppable!
That is a 500 year span of two great martial artists quoting the same source material-not as strictly concept-but as the same use of terminology as other great budo men in China. Secondly, assigning the concept martial strength or power.

Questions worth consideration
When I read your argument, Chris for Harden Aiki-being different from the majority of those in aikido- one has to ask oneself:
Shouldn't your argument for two different types of IP or aiki be supported by the founders words...and his abilities-and then displayed in those making such claims?
  • Shouldn't the majority claiming Ueshiba's aiki- display the attributes of power of the arts founder they claim to understand, and be able to explain what he said? How come they didn't know where his words came from -so they thought it was his individual genius and personal creation?
  • Shouldn't the majority making the argument that they understand what Ueshiba's aiki is, display unusual power, and not feel like average people? Their claims of understanding a founder who did display unusual power should mean they have unusual power, right?
  • If they were right...couldn't they just step on a mat and show it around the world-against people who doubted them?
  • What does it mean when someone shows up pointing to the sources Ueshiba was pointing to, can explain them, do them...and displays unusual power that the arts teachers cannot stop, cannot do and cannot explain?

1. How does that then qualify their opinion on the words and work of the founder________________?

This work, this treasure of the Asian arts was not Ueshiba's in the first place-it was given to him as well. It never was an individual epiphany. THis work has produced budo people with unusual power for eons, and it will continue to do so today if those before the work.
We have a chance to embrace the legacy of the real power in budo with men who are teaching how to do it.

We have to get off of individuals and onto the real knowledge and work. Where do we go?
Here is a telling point: of those claiming to understand these things? They should display unusual power...
Maybe that is a good place to begin.

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