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Re: Daitoryu Ginjukai East Coast Intensive - August 24-27, 2012

After the last 20 years of martial arts training I can honestly say that I feel very fortunate to have been a part of this event and other events taught by Howard Popkin Sensei and Joe Brogna Sensei. These individuals not only understand the role of Aiki in martial arts but can demonstrate it, teach it, and communicate all of this in an easy to understand and beneficial way for the student. I have spent countless dollars on my training over the years and can honestly say that anyone interested in learning from these two exceptional instructors will get a huge "bang for their buck". Nothing is held back, no questions unanswered. I have never taken so much away from a seminar or had such a good pleasant experience with all involved. I simply could not give a higher recommendation than that to the instructors of the Ginjukai.

I have marked a steady training schedule with these teachers and I encourage anyone interested in "Aiki" to try a seminar, you wont regret it! I also would like to convey a sincere thank you to both Brogna Sensei and Popkin Sensei for leading others by example first. I feel that I have made good friendships with both of you and can see that it is your wish that everyone of your students truly learn and grow from what you are giving to us. The feeling of making this valuable knowledge "ours" and sharing it with others is in my mind that which separates good teachers from great teachers. Thank you both for everything and please keep up the good work!

Domo Arigato Gozaimashita,
Darrell D'Antonoli

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