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Andrew Macdonald
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abusive sensei

i have read many posts here and experienced once sensei that really push the limits of what could be considered as training. I don;t think it is very common i certainly hope it isn't but how do people deal with it.

There seems to be a faction of people that think it is a good thing i.e. sensei locked me so hard that coudn;t train for a week, what a poweful guy.

now i believe in hard training but when you are giving your joints to someone there should be an element of trust and it seems to me there are instuctors out there that abuse that trust and have set up what amounts to abusive relationships with most of his students.the sensei that threw a small young beginner female, who cleary wanted to gain confidence and fitness by doing a softer marital art, so hard that she bounced and took pleasure in making poeple scream i watched in disgust and will never train with agian

sorry for the rant,
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