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Re: Sumo: light vs heavy and IS?

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Hello All,

Here we go around the mullberry bush, the mullberry bush...or shoud I say ring around the rosy, a pocket fill of poseys...!!! I can't get enough of this. At times it's hard to understand!!! Many have said it before(I'm along for the train wreck)!!!



I don't think anyone will be convinced through argument alone, as it has gone around and around for years. It is worth saying though, that once you have a little bit of experience with what the IS guys talk about (even if you can't do it yourself), the many rather abstract, flowery and/or esoteric phrases one hears in martial arts suddenly have life breathed into them and may in some ways seem obvious in hindsight.


My previous post was really intended to be in response to post 32's 3rd paragraph. None the less, Ark's comments about shin tai gi and tai gi shin, probably should go off in their own thread, but are pertinent to any sort of spiritual discussion or the more conventional connotations of "aiki" as understood by most martial artists.
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