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Re: Sumo: light vs heavy and IS?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
But his promotion... I like HAiki.
Hi Chris,

That isn't quite correct. The promotion is by me, Chris, Greg, Marc, Bill, etc, etc, etc. Dan talks about what aiki really is, according to Ueshiba and other great martial masters. However, in the aikido world, the promotion is via all of us.

Now, take into account just who these people are who are promoting aiki. Bill Gleason has a world of experience that dwarfs yours and mine. Chris Li has trained with a host of Japanese aikido people, shihan to doshu. Etc, etc, etc. The combined years of experience probably reaches into the thousands from all of us. Singularly, from 10, 20, 30, and 40 years of training experience in aikido. Do you really think we don't "get" Modern Aikido's definition of "aiki"?

You mention Kisshomaru knowing his father better than anyone else, but ... here's the tough part about Kisshomaru and Tokyo hombu. Do you know the differences between what Yamaguchi taught at Tokyo, at his home dojo, *and* at his private dojo? Do you know the differences between what was taught at Tokyo and at Iwama? How about Tokyo and Shingu? Etc. What Shirata taught at Tokyo and what he taught elsewhere? Etc. Why did Tomiki not stay with Tokyo hombu? How about Shioda? Mochizuki? Why Shirata? What all was added at Tokyo hombu that Ueshiba didn't do? Why? What all was tossed out? Why? If you can answer all that, I'll give you that you're right about Kisshomaru knowing his father better than anyone else. If you can't ... perhaps some research is in order?

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