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Giancarlo DiPierro (G DiPierro) wrote:
Hanshi, I believe, acually contains the characters for "example" that Jun had in mind. Hanshi is the highest title issued by the ZNKR (and other organizations), preceded by kyoshi and renshi. Kyoshi was discussed in the article as a general translation of "teacher."
Just a little correction. The shogo "ky˘shi" in the ZNKR/IKF is not written the same as that in Mr. Goldsbury's article. The "shi" in all three shogo (renshi, ky˘shi, and hanshi) is the same shi as in bushi.

錬士 renshi. Same ren as in renshū.

教士 ky˘shi. Same ky˘ as the ky˘shi in the article.

範士 hanshi. Same han as shihan.

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