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Re: Sumo: light vs heavy and IS?

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Not that this is the thread for this, but.
The problem about saying "of Ueshiba M" and "of Ueshiba K" is the fact that Ueshiba K was trying to do is fathers Aiki. Also, Ueshiba K probably knew his father better then any of us. To say that you know better what someone was describing then their own son did is pretty presumptuous.
Oh, I don't know - I think it is a pretty safe assumption to state that the son did not have what the father had; so, there was a difference. There has been a lot of independent corroboration on a lot of the Aiki/IS aspects of Ueshiba M over the last few years here in threads, as well as elsewhere, that seam to support Dan's statements concerning Ueshiba M and aiki as he saw - those that have been following those discussion should be familiar with the various points and there really is no need to go into any detail here.

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