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Re: ethical?

Whatever you think of the idea of students surpassing their teachers, whether you see it as good or bad or just something that occasionally happens and 'just is', it's not an 'ethical' question in any way. It's just a question of pedagogy, psychology, personal relationships, organizational structure, etc. It's a matter for that teacher and that student and other students and teachers of both parties to consider and decide what kind of teaching model they themselves believe in and value, what skills they're looking for and what skills their teacher has, and what teacher they think they will learn most from.

If the guy was a student, then it would be something for him to think hard about and consider if this was a teacher he wished to follow or not. But he isn't, so it's just a random situation that has nothing at all to do with him. He doesn't personally like this guy's teaching model -- so? He's already decided he doesn't want to train with that teacher, which is fine. Other students do want to, which is also fine. They're all adults and can decide for themselves.

An 'ethical question' would be if he thought the teacher was sexually harassing or bullying teenage students, for example. Then there'd be reason for him to consider if he needed to do something and if so, what.

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