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Re: ethical?

Thanks, nice explanation Francis. However I still disagree. Apart from the fact I believe Ueshiba surpassed Takeda I can think of many many examples in life where the teachers hold high expectations for their students and thus this is their path and thus attracts those students.

All the stellar examples you mention had teachers didn't they? Teachers they surpassed in ability and skill in that particular zone of life. When I say surpassed or better I look not from a hierarchical or vertical view but rather a horizontal one ie: they went further along that particular path and reached new levels of skills and awareness.

Every path is different yes when you talk about life as a whole and goals in life as a whole and a good teacher can help the student to achieve their goals too but that is a separate matter.

In my view it's not a matter of competition or besting but rather a fact of life. Within your sphere in your particular area of teaching you have a certain degree of skill and ability albeit continually being improved upon.

If you help another reach that same level of skill and ability and allow that person to go even further then the circle can be made complete for now you are the student and he is your teacher. The circle of life and all progressive in humility.

I enjoy others success and I am sure you do too and this is truly no competition but sharing in winning.

When a student does one technique even much better than I have ever done I am truly happy and thus can learn once again from my new master.

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