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Re: Sumo: light vs heavy and IS?

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I didn't mean it as a badge. It's just that you often make the comment to the effect of, if it was so simple why would anyone study it.
Hi Chris
That's not my point. I didn't say "If it was so simple why would anyone study it?"
I said "If that was all it was-why would seasoned martial artists (and in a certain era; warriors) be impressed by it?"

The idea of being able to find accord in the midst of conflict- it's very impressive to me. That is what I call Aiki, simple, but not easy.
Finding accord in the midst of conflict can be arrived at in two dramatically different ways; one is aiki, the other is external blending movement that anyone off the street can do. Whether simple -or more refined- it's certainly not something I would devote a lifetime too. On the other hand what aiki was and is in a classical sense is uniting and manipulating opposing forces in you-which then cancels out forces applied to you. This was what Ueshiba meant by being able to impose his will on others. The superior artist controls the forces of the person trying to do something. Cooperation need not apply! This was and is a far more effective and powerful and deep study, that captured the minds of warriors for generations.
As far as complex and difficult and impressive compared to normal movement? It is off the charts.
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