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Re: Taken by surprise

Diana Frese wrote: View Post
Thank you Stelios, for sharing your perceptions of this meeting in the supermarket. You were able to keep the attention of the other person while moving your kids to safety. You treated the other person like a person, like another human being, but were still able to be in a protective role. You are happy the other person has progressed but you are still cautious in your thinking and actions. Jorgen made a very good comment for you! You are a very wise aikidoka, physically, mentally and spiritually.
I agree with Diana well done in how you handled the situation; since I started AJJ my awareness of potential threats has increased. I don't listen to music anymore when walking because it blocks my sense of hearing, which is so important when discerning danger, I also read body language far more analytically. I try and remain calm but do practice visualization at times in how I would respond to hypothetical scenarios if I perceive someone might be volatile or prone to angry outbursts.
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