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Re: Bokken Sparring- Chushin Tani Aikidojo

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
I understand where you are going. But I am very careful about confusing training and doing. I did lot's of training, believing I was learning to "do" something. Turns out that I still had to "do" it in order to be good at it.

I wouldn't delude myself into believing I was becoming a good sword fighter by simply training in a sword system. Lot's of people who have done extensive firearms training will tell you that the first time they got in a gunfight everything was different. And While it's true, some will say that their training kept them cooler under pressure- you just don't know until you've done it. I've never been in a sword fight.
Training in a sword system is not supposed to make someone a "good sword fighter," it is meant to give someone a better than even chance of surviving a sword fight.
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