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Re: Sumo: light vs heavy and IS?

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That's funny, because if you can simply "move out of the way" of anything coming your way, I would call that pretty amazing.

Why don't all the other Sumo simply "move out of the way"? How does anyone ever win a Sumo match? Actually, why does anyone ever get hit at all, why don't they just "move out of the way"? If you could master this "move out of the way" thing (and it sounds pretty simple) you could be the best boxer in the world, or maybe even the best martial artist in the world...
You can't. No one can move out of the way all the time. It isn't a realistic approach to fighting. And even when it is occasionally successful-and it is- it still doesn't make moving out of the way...the high level strategy that would cause generations of people to be absorbed by it.
Put simply it isn't aiki- and never was.

Sound's like a gross oversimplification to me.
It is, but I didn't make the simplification in the first place. There isn't anything in it that is high level. Its run of the mill wrestling strategy that "captured" no one of significance.
My point is that Takeda, Ueshiba, and dozens like them who felt them were not so easily impressed by someone who could move out of the way.
In fact...go review the majority of comments about what Ueshiba felt like. Almost all of them were about his power. Same with Takeda.
I say this whole new redefining of aiki as external blending and moving out of the way, is a modern invention that has no real place in the history of high level arts. The work behind all of the high level arts are discussing an entirely different internal dynamic of balanced energy. And it was that...and not wrestling strategy, that made the legendary martial artists.

When they asked him to describe aiki and he got down and drew a circle explaining it was opposing energy ...He meant inside yourself. He didn't mean run around in a circle evading people.

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