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Re: Sumo: light vs heavy and IS?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
It depends on what you call "Aiki".
I would say he used Aiki because he made his attackers intention and action (ki) fit together (ai) with his own intention and actions.

He clearly demonstrations the four necessary steps to make an Aiki interaction. Kokyu (he is calm, grounded, and present) Musubi (he makes a connection with his partners mind, binding it with his own) Awase, (that very nice blend he used) and Musubi, (he stayed connected after the blend was over). That is what I would call Aiki.
Yes, it does depend on what you call aiki - and it is obvious we do not share the same view on it - there really is no need to go into detail here since the differences have been discussed ad infinitum here on the numerous internal strength/power threads over the years.

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