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Re: Sumo: light vs heavy and IS?

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It depends on what you call "Aiki".
I would say he used Aiki because he made his attackers intention and action (ki) fit together (ai) with his own intention and actions.

He clearly demonstrations the four necessary steps to make an Aiki interaction. Kokyu (he is calm, grounded, and present) Musubi (he makes a connection with his partners mind, binding it with his own) Awase, (that very nice blend he used) and Musubi, (he stayed connected after the blend was over). That is what I would call Aiki.
All due respect I disagree with each definition. If that were all it was, then that entire summation is used by every budo-ka I ever met to one degree or another. So by definition Aiki is done by every person alive.
Sort of like...breath in and out.... do

I say it is far....far more complicated than that. As a study, it captured the Asians for generations. When Ueshiba exclaimed "I discovered aiki!" and "Takeda opened my eyes to true budo!" He wasn't saying....
After all these years....finally.... I found out how to move out of the way.....
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