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Re: Bokken Sparring- Chushin Tani Aikidojo

Lyle Laizure wrote: View Post
But you can really practice sword fighting, if that is what your goal was to do.
I really don't think you can. You could practice sword sparring, there are guys in the western martial arts community who do regular full contact steel sword sparring. But sword fighting doesn't really fit into our world now.

First off, no nonmilitary personnel living in a civilized country could sword fight for very long. The authorities would put them behind bars before they got much "practice" in. And while theoretically a modern soldier could possibly carry around his sword, and "practice" with it, it probably wouldn't go over too well. Sword fighting was something one could get good at (practice) only when using swords was a reasonable way to get something done- Keep the villages in line, collect taxes, storm the bad guys castle. Those days are over.

That leaves you with sword sparring. This either leads us to a sport practice, that is mostly only interested in itself. Or a contrived practice that may hopefully give us some small insight into what sword fighting was.

Based on your other comments "sword fighting" isn't really your goal. And that is fine.
Yes, becoming a sword fighter isn't my goal, learning about Aikido is. So hopefully a sword sparring practice might give me some small insight into those aspects of Aikido.

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