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Re: Re: Kiai

Ted Ehara (tedehara) wrote:
A kiai is commonly known as a spirit shout. Why do you say it isn't?
Because it's not a shout of any kind, but kiai CAN be accompanied by vocalization.

Kiai is as difficult to define as aiki (and uses the same characters).

Ki = spirit/energy/intent

Ai (from awaseru, IIRC) = meet/join/envelop

Kiai is not EXACTLY inverse of aiki, it is, rather, complementary and certainly related.

What I do to my uke is kiai (if it's done right). What happens is aiki ...

There doesn't have to be a sound at all, but proper breathing is certianly a factor (kokyu and all that). However, a properly trained vocalization is a 'kiai-enhancer' ... if you will.
Ted Ehara (tedehara) wrote:
I agree that the throat should be relaxed when you do this. However the act of doing an actual kiai is a tremendous outburst of energy. If it weren't so, it wouldn't be an actual kiai.
Again, it CAN be loud but does not have to be.
Ted Ehara (tedehara) wrote:
... instruction. However, he does say

I just do the traditional "ee-yay-ee!..." sound.
Hmm. Depends on what tradition ...

Many ryuha teach specific vocalizations for specific moments or movements. Ueshiba touches on this in some of the doka he wrote, but his elaborations are, um, poorly translated at best and obscure at worst.

Our system use a couple fairly commonly and a couple of other 'special-purpose- sounds.

Ei! Meets an opponent and initiaties action.

Hoh! Is a powerful cut or movement and a finishing sound.

A subvocalized Saaa! accompanies some throws at the projection phase.

All are open-throated and fully vocalized, but the intensity may vary with the situation and needs as well as with the degree of focus and intent.

Other ryuha (mostly, kiaijutsu is found in the koryu. The gendai arts sort of play with it, but seldom really coach or develop it) use similar terms in similar ways.



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