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Re: Bullying

i was 8 or 9 when two new kids, both three years older than us (repatriated immigrants' children who were made to step down three years in primary school in order to learn the language), started chasing me up during breaks. First it was verbal abuse and i tried (following my parents' advice) to ignore and walk away. This, to my surprise, never worked and it had the opposite result: it put wood in the fire of their aggressiveness. Then it started becoming physical. Pushing, dragging, kicking, spitting. And it was not only me, many kids were bullied around in similar fashion. The two chubby kids in the class were actually tortured at every break, it was very sad. And the teachers, despite the parents' raising of the matter, did nothing about it.
One day, some 4 months later, i went home with enough red pinching marks on my arms and a brown eye, so my father decided to take action. I remember him coming around noon at school, asked me where the bullies were and i, very frightened if this would work, pointed towards them.
He grasped both of them from behind the neck and started smashing their heads one onto the other. Then he threw them away like empty sacks and they both fell on their faces.
They never bothered me again. Actually they never bothered anyone again... Everyone at school could breath easily again.
Immoral? Unethical? Abuse? I really do not care. Some things cannot be dealt otherwise, assistance is needed. And i never, ever regret my father coming to the school that day.
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