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Re: Even at Boot one can reach inside you and make you feel. Your feelings

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Having said that I think we should allow for the opportunity for another to misunderstand what we have said for it will usually be based on them using a different definition for the word used.

If I told you I am a bit worn out because I have been boxing 20 chickens what concept would you see? Someone no doubt would misunderstand and reply in what to me would then seem to be uncalled for manner. Thus a downward spiraling communication ensues.

There again some may just be being facetious but generally it's the former.

Knowing all this it is then even more important to hold to a rule of staying polite and not being rude. That's step one I would say.
In general, I agree. I would add, the assumptions of others we enter into discussions with should be as positive as possible as well (until proven incorrect), as doing otherwise starts the downward spiral as well. That said, I'll take something from this exchange and attempt to grow from it.

I'm not so petty or small that I believe I can't improve myself.
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