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Re: Bokken Sparring- Chushin Tani Aikidojo

Hey Mark,

The logic is simple.
I haven't, and most likely never will fight with a sword. By fight with a sword I mean, use a large, live blade to try and kill someone, while they are using a large live blade to try and kill me.

However I am aware that the roots of Aikido (coming from Ueshiba's study of Koryu) come from people who fought with swords regularly. Sword fighting being a key interest in the ancestry of Aikido.

So while I cannot really practice sword fighting, (because it's too dangerous to engage in) I am interested in studying it. So we attempt to create situations that "might appear" and see how Aikido theory may apply to those situations. This is contrived, but is the lessor of two evils (in my opinion).

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