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Anthony Loeppert
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Word accuracy vs. precision

In another thread, the concept of accurate vs. precise came up with respect to words.

Please read:
paying attention to the target analogy.

Words convey meaning. Words have definite (a tautology) definitions*. Each word means what it does, simply pick up a dictionary. The precision of a word is either non-applicable or infinite, (again) with respect to the target analogy, because each time a specific word is used it means a specific thing.

Words have multiple meaning one might say... and of course this is true, but the precision is the same each time.

Now accuracy... if intent to express is the bulls-eye, then picking the right word to match up with the closest meaning is most accurate. But the word's precision doesn't change. It means what it means however many times you use it - again, there can be multiple meanings but the precision of each meaning doesn't change. So I argue precision of words is meaningless, only accuracy matters.

Please reason otherwise if you so desire.

* we can argue on which dictionary to use, but trust me, there are standards in the linguistic world.
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