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Re: Daitoryu Ginjukai East Coast Intensive - August 24-27, 2012

Attended one day (sadly) of the 1st 4-day East Coast, the experience was as always a great one, as the NJ branch leader, one would expect me to say nothing but nice things about the event but it's easy to do so since EVERYTIME I've spent time with the both Popkin and Brogna sensei I grow in my understanding of aiki.

The simple, straight forward method that they both teach in makes a vastly subtle and complex concept such as aiki easy to break down and understand. The focus on concept over technique leaves the application of aiki open ended enough to allow the student to take in as much or as little as one's understanding will allow, in this way the student is not overwhelmed but empowered to explore the topic of aiki.

I recommend the experience of one of the Daito ryu Ginjukai to ANY martial artist.

Izzy Franco
Tora Dojo
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