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Re: Even at Boot one can reach inside you and make you feel. Your feelings

Anthony Loeppert wrote: View Post
And yet one more example of tediousness.
Tedious? In this case I wouldn't say so. I too was thrown by the statement as if he was a man of few words. Quite the opposite, so precise would be more apt.

Apart from all this the meanings of control and manipulation can be looked at from the view of good control or bad control, or many other forms of control and then onto intention behind the control etc. Thus the debate could go on.

Now to add one more thing which I feel is pertinent to Aikido and indeed pertinent to the types of things Ueshiba said.

For some I get them practicing the principle of non-control. This is neither control nor not controlling. Yet it is eye opening. Here again in communication especially on a forum it would lead to various assumptions and yet it is a precise term use by me.

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