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Re: Practical Aikido DVD - Robert Koga

Robert Koga is a black belt in Aikido. He was given his rank personally by Master Koichi Tohei. When Master Tohei was teaching in the USA, Koga traveled with him. Koga received private training from Master Tohei.

Koga's method of Aikido is gear more for real street situations. He used many Aikido techniques in his Arrest Control Techniques use by law enforcement. I trained with Koga for over 10 years and used his techniques hundreds of time during my 40 year law enforcement work.

If you want to learn traditional Aikido go to a Aikido Dojo.

I was also fortunate to have been able to personally train with Master Koichi Tohei. He was the best Aikido instructor that I had to fortunate to train under.
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