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Anthony Loeppert
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Re: High Ukemi Help?

Keith McInnis wrote: View Post
We have the kids classes do this for fun and it builds confidense. It is purely optional and mostly a gymnastic excercise. The photo of my son shows of how tricky it can be to get in a proper position to roll out. Of more use is jumping over length of bags as it helps extend the body. Us ... older... folks don't go that high as the risk of injury increases with age significantly over 35ish.
Looks like great parkour practice, but I'm not clear on the aikido training. Age seems like a cop out. I would never expect a child to do something I wouldn't comfortably do myself.

I read the comment on someone slashing at the legs, however if I'm jumping over at that height I can guaranty I will be grabbing at the slashers neck and taking it with me. I think s/he should slow down and cushion the fall nicely.
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