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Re: Even at Boot one can reach inside you and make you feel. Your feelings

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Another trouble is you may say what you mean and mean what you say only for it not to be understood.

Very common actually, ask any Aikido or other martial arts instructor. One day the student finally grasps the meaning.

The original post to me, the concept being offered, seemed clear enough.

Feelings and emotions can only be changed by you yourself and I would say that is vitally important in the progress and deeper understanding of Aikido.


Very true - it has happened to me often enough that I taught a technique or a principle month after month or even year after year and that people did not grasp it.
But it also has happened that when I would ask a friend over to give a class or invite my sensei for a seminar everyone seemed to understand the same technique or principle within what felt like minutes.
It is how the learning process works - someone understands at the moment that everything, so to say, comes together.

A forum like this has its limits. Sometimes it is really impossible to share your good intentions or experiences or acquired knowledge, no matter how you express them.

Greetings from the Auvergne,


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