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Re: Daitoryu Ginjukai East Coast Intensive - August 24-27, 2012

What an amazing seminar! In many ways, Daitoryu is so different from the martial arts that we study (although I can see the underlying similarities) that having four full days to really focus on learning and understanding was awesome. I feel like I made some significant progress, and I know from talking with others in attendance that everyone felt like they advanced their skills substantially.

Popkin Sensei and Brogna Sensei complement each other extremely well as instructors. Both are extremely knowledgeable and skilled in Daitoryu, but teach in subtly different ways. This works out well for the students because sometimes I find I have to approach these concepts from several different angles before they really sink in. Both senseis are really good at working with people of different skill levels, and one of the benefits of attending the intensives is the opportunity to work with lots of different people.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention how much fun it was to be in Long Island! I feel fortunate to have trained with such a great group of people, and driving around and checking out a few of the sights in the evenings was a blast as well. And the food is amazing!

I highly recommend the intensives to anyone who is interested in really deepening their knowledge of Daitoryu and bringing back something cool their martial art of choice.
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