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Re: Senpai You Can't Respect

OP here,

I'll give a general update after I respond to a few people first whose posts were interesting.

@ Marc, Thanks for ignoring most of the post and replying to one part. The core of the post was about social rank promoting. The sempai I was talking about was a father/son pair who have put in less hours in 5 years and I have in 2. Snide comments don't help and when all you have to go is a blurb, they tend to miss their mark.

@Ibb- Sensei isn't everywhere all at once. If you are dealing with a brownbelt who hasn't see a black belt art you have practiced and Sensei is working with another pair you don't just stand there until Sensei comes along. You say, here's what I was taught and get practicing and eventually Sensei will come over and help.

@Shadowfax- I'm not into the cult of personality when it comes to Sensei that a lot of Aikidoka have. Sensei are people- their word i not some infallible law handed down from the clouds.

Now for the update.

Sensei has directly stated in a black belt class to me and the others attending that rank is not based solely on hours on the mat or skill. That a big part to his is time in the dojo. This was directly caused by a few black belts asking Sensei why my rank was so low without my knowledge. (Despite my grips here I don't mention my annoyance with the social rank thing to people in the dojo- including new people who directly ask me about me about it.) I have had a member of the testing board at the dojo tell me directly that I should have tested with the last round of people; he taught me more in my first few months than anyone and for him to say that really helped.

Now that it is out in the open, things seemed to have worked themselves out.
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