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Re: Did aikido ever fail you?

Mostly I failed Aikido, for quite some time.
I failed to understand what Aikido was. I failed to truly explore and take Aikido in. Because of this, for some time I thought Aikido sucked. Aikido didn't do what I wanted it to, so Aikido failed. I was mistaken.

I know you're looking for a, "one time I fought this dude in a bar, and he totally beat me up even though I'm an Aikido black belt." kind of story. And I've got those. There was a period where I couldn't stop ranting about how Aikido was really bad in a fight, and you shouldn't do Aikido if you were interested in learning to defend yourself.

But it was I who failed, not the system. The system just does what it does, it's the student who must understand the system.

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