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Michael Hackett
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I'm a rank beginner, but with over 28 years as a law enforcement officer have seen my share of combat wounds - saw a few in the Marines as well.

A friend of mine is a Seal Beach, CA cop and a 4th Dan Karateka, 2d Dan Judo, and Army Reserve Major - a serious warrior type. Anne was off-duty and armed with a .40 caliber pistol when she was confronted by a young street gangster with a knife. He walked up behind her as she was withdrawing $40.00 from an ATM. She quietly looked him over and noted his description. Equally quiet, she handed over the $40 and watched him flee down the street.

Several of her fellow officers were aghast that she would let that happen and commented that "I would've done....." Anne quietly replied that she wasn't about to kill someone over $40 and she wasn't going to get cut up badly subduing someone armed with a knife.

Later she identified the kid and he's still doing time for armed robbery. No one got hurt and justice was served. Anne had lots of practice disarming those with knives and had a lot more practice making good, solid life and death decisions. Would she have taken his life or suffered injuries? Sure, if she had to. Maybe someday I will develop her wisdom and confidence.

"Leave the gun. Bring the cannoli."
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