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Re: International Aikido Federation Posts Anti-Doping Standards

I think in principle doping policy should aim at ensuring that competitors are not forced to take unhealthy substances to increase performance if they want to compete in the highest level of an art.

Still, I don't like how this doping policy is being forced on some arts where it doesn't seem to make much sense because it's not an athletic art (like chess and go) or it has no competition (like most aikido).

The Dutch Go Association was forced to accept this doping policy. Rejecting it would mean losing their subsidy. But this made no sense to me and many others. Go competition in the Netherlands hardly represents the highest level of the art. There is hardly any money or fame to gain here, so there would be little incentive for doping. Also, I cannot believe that all the substances on the WADA list actually increase performance in mind sports. Because of issues like these, it sometimes feels more like "anti-drugs propaganda" than "ensuring fair play".
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