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Re: International Aikido Federation Posts Anti-Doping Standards

Peter Gröndahl wrote: View Post
Estrogen-blockers are however banned, and cocain, cannabis, amphetamine, heroin etc. Caffeine, Nikotin are not banned. Alcohol are banned only in competition in some specific sports.
I looked up some of these to update my knowledge, which seems a bit outdated.
  • Although the IOC still limits its concentration, caffeine was removed from the WADA list in 2004. It was placed on the monitoring program to detect misuse (See this 2012 WADA page).
  • Since this year, nicotine is placed on the monitoring program (See the same page as above). It may be placed on the prohibited list in the near future (some expected it on the 2012 list).
  • Cannabis and cocaine are prohibited (under S8 and S6 on this 2011 WADA page).
  • Alcohol is prohibited for some sports, like karate (under P1 on this 2011 WADA page.
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