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Anthony Loeppert
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Re: How long does it really take?

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Not being a musician, I can't speak for whether it would end their musical career. If you were talking about a field that exemplifies neurosis like the world of academia, yes, I'd say that getting in over your head once could be fatal to your career. Is that also true in music? Not sure.
I thought I might be a musician in a different path, as my original acceptance into college was as a cello performance major. Music is a strange and small world. The scenario you posited would never have happened because no one unqualified would have been allowed on stage for performance. However the attempt would have been laughed at and ostracized.

Mary Malmros wrote:
"People don't get hurt playing the cello, and if a rank amateur cello player should misrepresent her skill level and get into a performance of the London Symphony Orchestra, she's not going to end up in the hospital as a consequence. "
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