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Re: Hiroshi Tada Interview - Part 5

Yet another teacher...referring to the budo or bujutsu body.....
Which is a very real requirement for producing what every smart budo-ka should want...aiki!
Yet all of these new sources are still lacking what? A single model on how to produce it!!
Isn't that interesting?

Chris has had any number of "Thank you's"...I keep wondering why no one is outraged.
Hasn't anyone else been asking ..."Why?"

I guess we should be happy that the new translations are consistently pointing in the right direction...FINALLY. So now we see yet again that; The key to aiki is in making a budo body and not in making groundpaths to four-legged animals by connecting to someone. I'm glad that more and more sources are blowing apart that red herring that I have been arguing against for years. Now we just have to go find out how to actually GET a budo body....from someone who will teach it.

I remain totally confused from reading interview after interview telling people what they needed all along and not reading a single teaching of how to get it.
Why isn't the evidence of the success of that idea everywhere in a majority of budo people?
Why isn't it well known and discussed?
Sixty years later...why does this new so many budo people?
Why did Sagawa one of the biggest proponents of this; (building a budo body as the source of aiki) NOT WANT HIS WORDS TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH-WHEN HIS BOOK WAS A BIG HIT IN JAPAN?
I think those are important questions-critical to budo-ka.
Tackling those questions -and answering them-can lead to growth for several reasons I can think of.

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