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Re: Even at Boot one can reach inside you and make you feel. Your feelings

I too experienced "boot camp", but in the U.S. Army, where admittedly it was not quite as harsh or demanding as those of the other Services.
I agree that Mrs. Roosevelt's alleged quotation does little or nothing for those who are exposed to extreme stress, duress and prejudice. I meant the example to be a starting point of taking command of one's situation, learn what is and isn't possible, and to have the courage and self esteem to accomplish real change and self expression.
Thank you Michael Hackett ,for clarifying your intentions, and I do agree that we need to listen more to one another, and to be open to other points of view, personal perspective and life experiences.
And thank you Mary Eastland, for dealing with the noise, the assumptions and the rhetoric. Your patience and persistence are truly appreciated.
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