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Even at Boot one can reach inside you and make you feel. Your feelings are

Even at Boot one can reach inside you and make you feel. Your feelings are in you.

Uke can resist but the resistance that nage feels is nage's feeling

That is exactly what I said.
I still stand by it. I meant no offense to any one.

I am talking about this in the context of Aikido training. I stayed in Aikido to learn how to respond differently to stressful situations.

An important lesson I learned in Aikido class was that if someone screamed at me it did not automatically mean that I was going to be hit. Without training I might never have learned that. It is an important lesson for me.

How we feel in each situation is unique to us. One person who is screamed at and hit might feel angry and combative. Another might feel useless and desperate.

How something feels physically is one if you grab nage's wrist tightly they could feel paralyzed. Another nage may start moving wildly, trying to escape. Nage might feel all of the power of the grab in the wrist and lose sight that they have a whole body they can move.

Now, about feelings that we feel inside or emotions might be a better word, so it is not so confusing with how it feels and how we are feeling.

Emotions that arise from that grab could be frustration, anger, sadness and hopelessness. Another person may experience exlaration, excitement, and adrenaline. Just examples, I know there is a huge array of responses based on who we are and what we have learned and how we respond to stress.

My purpose in the quoted test was not to disparage anyone's experience.

I was thinking about how a person responds to a situation at any given time. And how they might experience a similar situation after training.

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