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Re: inferiority complex in aikido

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
Finally, as a personal observation, I think we sometimes also look down our nose at other arts
Definitely something you see both here, and many other places on the web (YouTube, blogs, other forums, etc.).
I actually think it stems from the inferiority complex. You'll see people far over-exaggerating how amazing Aikido is, like it is some kind of Godly invincible force that should be feared by all. Too many times have I read that Aikido isn't used in MMA "because it would instantly kill the opponent" or "because using Aikido for real is just too dangerous" (whereas in the reality, there's many other reasons why Aikido isn't used (such as having trouble with people wearing thick glows, lack of attacks, general lack of fight training in most dojos, problems working in a cage-confined setting, lack of ground game, etc.)).

Just as many times you see someone clearly feeling insecure about Aikido (some outright stating that they practice it, "but know it doesn't work"), you see someone going overboard on the other end of the spectrum.
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