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Re: How long does it really take?

i've read here at this site that 3 times per week is "optimal" and more then that would be diminishing returns. ...maybe so, but even if you're talented you'll need to practice your cello or aikido or whatever more than 3 or four times per week if you want to be good enough to have "jam" sessions with semi-pros, so to speak.

Okinawan farmers practiced Kare-Te 2 hours a day everyday, after a full day at their farm, I have read and heard. Some who became sensei practiced four hours a day.

late Thomas Mertion cautioned that "being too busy is the disease of North Americans"

train as much as you can, stop counting, and make sure you have ample time for spouse, family, career, and basic play time. aikido counts as my own "play" time. I'm planing on four times (eeks, what a hypocrit!) a week aikido and twice a week for karate. I'm OK if I never "master" aikido or karate, but i do notice i have far less time now for surfing or mt. biking.


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