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Re: Elegance

Elegantly Difficult

Form follows function, they say
This applies in architecture
And many other disciplines
Including aikido, I think
In aikido, especially
The difficulty lies in
Creating a simplicity
Balanced by elegance
That permits nage and uke
To flow into form and function
As need and situation arises
Blending the elegantly difficult
Into a creative discipline
Of form, function, and art

Some years ago, I remember sitting, watching someone take his Sandan test. The person to my right described his performance as "Neanderthal Aikido", the shihan to my left described the same movements as "young Chiba Sensei" (who definitely does not perform "Neanderthal Aikido"). Myself, my mouth just hung open watching his movements and wondering how he accomplished some of the things he did and how he moved doing them. As Gary mentioned re Frank Doran Sensei, he just looked good doing it. That, I think, sums it up. As in some other things, we just recognize it when we see it, but different people can look at the same thing and have different perceptions. "Form, function, and art", if the form and fuction are "mastered", then that leaves "art", which can be a very subjective thing indeed, when determining "elegance".

In Good Practice....


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