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Supporting the less able...

I had this idea long time ago. To help the less privileged kids of our town by teaching them (if they wanted and if their superiors allowed it) anything i have learned in life. I offered to teach Aikido to the local orphanage.
At first the director there seemed quite enthusiastic with the idea. What more beautiful that to teach children, who are deprived of many things and chances, the art of peace? They could learn a thing or two that they could use wisely in life.
Then, by talking to my teacher and asking for permit to teach there (without charging anything, even providing the puzzle-like mats we used in another dojo) a quite serious matter arose: what happens in case of an accident?
The status there is that the children are covered by social security for whatever happens in the promises and what is included in their books. And of course, martial arts are not included (the rationale being that many of them come from torn-apart families with history of violence. So by learning martial arts they are though of being more prone to doing wrong more efficiently). So the director of the foundation told me i would be totally responsible for anything happening to them kids.
A lot of things can go (and often do) go wrong to a beginner. Bruises from incorrect body positioning in ukemi, problems in ankle/elbow/shoulder joints and the sort. We even had a guy that almost broke his neck once.
Our Aikikai affiliation will not cover my teaching there and as i see it, the director of the foundation will not change his mind on the matter.
Another quest turned to dust?
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