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knowing how to take a hit

I had a thought, but then I forgot it

No, honestly, I've been thinking a lot about football recently. They have receivers in football, but the guys I'm thinking about don't catch the football -- they're the offensive linemen who block for runners and protect the quarterback, and take a beating from rushing defensive linemen and linbackers game after game. They receive a lot of punishment, but they stoicly return to take more. I really admire the quiet strength of these guys.

When I was young, my heros were the destroyers on defense, such as Deacon Jones, Howey Long, Randy White, Richard Dent, `Mean' Joe Green, Ray Nitchke, and the most feared meance of them all, Dick Butkus. I loved the hitters -- the guys that wanted to put their opponents in the hospital, or worse.

But over the years, I learned to admire those guys that received a lot of punishment, and just kept on going. They were also big, awesome, powerful people, but they generally didn't say much, they just had a rock-solid work ethic. Yah; those offensive linemen know how to receive.

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